OE Pip3 Socket Unit

  • 3.15A individually fused sockets (5A on request)
  • TUF-R® (A+C 25W) Replaceable Charger (where applicable)
  • Available with white, black or coloured bevelled bezel, with or without stainless steel inlay
  • Grey or black socket fascia
  • Hardwired 800mm lead with male GST18i3 connector
  • Fitted from the front into a 60mm hole, rear exit,
    depth required 44mm.
  • Yellow clips for 1-3mm thicknesses and clamps for >1mm

Available with High Power 60W-C and 12W-A USB, please enquire

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Bezel Format: Flat
Bezel/Socket Colour: White/Grey
Socket Options: 3 x UK 13A 230V

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Experience true freedom with the OE Pip3 Socket Unit. Say goodbye to fixed wall sockets and tangled power cables with this innovative click-and-connect system. Powered by patented battery technology, ANIMATE by OE offers an untethered solution for your devices without compromising on safety.

The OE Pip3 Socket Unit is leading the way in sustainability with its use of 63% recycled plastic. With sleek and low profile design, it seamlessly blends into any room or workspace. Power your devices effortlessly with TUF-R & TUF-HP USB Charging. Available in both two-socket Pip2 and three-socket Pip3 models, it's the perfect solution for your power needs.

Pip3 is a three-gang unit, meaning it can house a maximum of three sockets and supports our entire range of round fascias, including, mains power, USB charging, data, and AV.

Pip3 is hard-wired to a GST 18i3 connector. This means you can either attach a starter cable of your desired length and plug to power a single unit, or, attach multiple PIP units to a GST 18i3 splitter to power all the units from a single power source.

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