TPO & Xtorm

Xtorm is an energetic brand that manufactures high quality power products, tested by millions of travellers all over the world. Strong quality mobile accessories that can handle just about anything. Xtorm will keep you charged at all times.
We are excited to partner with Xtorm at this time when people require more and more from their mobile devices. Whether working on your tablet at a hot desk, streaming the latest Netflix series in your garden or roaming the great outdoors on your latest adventure; Xtorm will make sure you don’t run out of power.
At TPO sustainability is key and Xtorm make products that will last, which is very important to all of us. You won’t have to buy replacement products any time soon which saves on materials and production energy. Xtorm strive to use eco-friendly packaging and materials within their operations and have a program to actively recycle batteries. Ours is a partnership built to last!