OE Electrics' Socket Units are a great fit for any environment and their products make great corporate gifts and promotional items. The customised products are available two different ways:

The OE original equipment manufacturer (OEM) program for bespoke spaces.

Using OE’s OEM program, we work with architects, designers and creatives to get the perfect fit and style of socket units. This ensures that there is the right power available in the right place, to fit in within the environment.

Custom branding for business and corporations.

OE’s custom branding services allow you to give amazing corporate gifts to your employees or clients. The products available for custom branding include a number of their socket units. For example, Pluto is a top choice. Branding can be printed directly onto the dome and can be coated in a wide range of colours with the branding on top

Message us, email us at sales@thepoweroutlet.co.uk or call us on +44 (0)330 330 9902 to discuss the details of your OEM, custom or promotional products.