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Setting up your home office

Ensuring the power for your WFH set up is efficient and safe.

In the office each power unit follows the British Standard; which reduces the risk of sockets being overloaded to keep everyone safe.

However, at home, the chances of an overload increase - 67% of workers have been powering their workstations from extension leads whilst working from home. Extension leads sold on the high-street generally do not follow the same standards as the ones in your office.

To stay safe when working in or out of the office, everyone should be provided with the correct equipment to work safely.

When working at home remember to:

  • Use individually fused sockets
  • Do not power more than 6 sockets from one 13A wall socket
  • Power mobile devices via USB to lower the risk of overload
  • Keep your workstation tidy and free from messy wires

How our products can help…

Whether working from the office or from home, it is important to keep your staff safe. By installing one of the OE recommended working from home (WFH) kits you can ensure compliance to British Standard BS6396 even when working remotely / no matter where they work.

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Power and charging your devices in and around the home

Aesthetically pleasing power that shouldn't be hidden away

Your devices are design led and high end, so why shouldn't your power solutions be too? We offer award winning interconnected solutions and can advise you on how best to set up your home office.

OE’s interconnected solutions offer the ideal comprehensive package of power, USB charging and scale management. With a choice of vibrant colour options and your specification of mains power, USB Charging and data, they really have a solution for all tastes and styles!

If you want to lose some annoying cables and free up space we offer two of OE’s fastest wireless chargers on the market to ensure that you can get a fast full charge or a quick boost when you need it most. Stylish and discreet meaning they will fit perfectly into the modern home office and living areas.

We work closely with developers and interior designers to design, supply and fit technology, big and small. Future-proof your home and offer entire Smart home solutions with the latest technology , serving every room in the house with music, movies and high-speed internet.

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Backup power at home

Say goodbye to power cuts!

Let's face it. Everyone will experience a power outage and it's a terrible inconvenience. You can't cook, charge your phones, tablets, and computers. Or even worse, your family's lives could be at risk when you're unable to power critical medical devices. You can't predict the unpredictable, but you can prepare for it. It's time to take charge and make a change.

Can they only be used during power outages? Of course not!

By adding roof solar panels or portable solar panels, you can help offset part of your home's power usage. Not only can you save your electricity bills, but you can feel great about making a contribution to the environment by harnessing clean and free solar energy.

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