Work From Home

Setting up your home office

Ensuring the power for your WFH set up is efficient and safe.

In the office each power unit follows the British Standard; which reduces the risk of sockets being overloaded to keep everyone safe.

However, at home, the chances of an overload increase - 67% of workers have been powering their workstations from extension leads whilst working from home. Extension leads sold on the high-street generally do not follow the same standards as the ones in your office.

To stay safe when working in or out of the office, everyone should be provided with the correct equipment to work safely.

When working at home remember to:

  • Use individually fused sockets
  • Do not power more than 6 sockets from one 13A wall socket
  • Power mobile devices via USB to lower the risk of overload
  • Keep your workstation tidy and free from messy wires

How our products can help…

Whether working from the office or from home, it is important to keep your staff safe. By installing one of the OE recommended working from home (WFH) kits you can ensure compliance to British Standard BS6396 even when working remotely / no matter where they work.

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