Events & Experiences

Charging Areas for Visitors

Ensuring the power for your WFH set up is efficient and safe.

Live Events and Visitor Experiences are places where you want your delegates and guests to stay a while and enjoy what is on offer. They will no doubt have devices that need to be charged and you may well want to add charging points to Registration, Rest and Break-out Areas. Charging points should be visible, secure and provide a suitable solution for all devices that you may expect to see.

Remote locations that need power?

Take a look at Battery power

Some venues will have areas that aren’t suitable for cables to be run to the main power supply, either for aesthetic or practical reasons. In these instances battery power is a great alternative and with much development in this area at the moment more options are becoming available. A modular system where the battery can be removed, charged overnight and put back in place the next morning can work perfectly and you have no cables to hide!