Exhibitions & Expos

With more charging points expected to be available around Exhibitions and Expo Events you will want those areas to look smart as well as providing a range of power sockets for your International delegates and visitors; as well as USB charging. With a fabulous range of colours and styles available to suit the design of the Exhibition Stands, Break-out Areas, Press Desks and Work Spaces – whether the charging points need to be desk mounted, free standing or low level, we have great options that can be incorporated into the design process.

When designing power distribution for Exhibition and Expo builds there will always be challenging areas – no raised floor to hide cables safely or no clear access to the mains supply – our range of products offer great solutions for these difficult areas and the TPO team are on hand to help!

As we move forward with battery power development, there are more options for batteries to be charged remotely overnight and returned to their modular unit ready for the next day. Charging facilities for visitors and delegates need to be widely available, easily accessible and secure and again we have great products within the OE range to help with this.