Socket Units can be configured with the following 53mm square socket options in grey and black:

  • UK 13A (3.15A fuse) 230V Socket (Type G) (also in white)
  • Twin USB (A&C) Fastcharge 25W (also in white)
  • UK 13A Unfused 230V Socket (Type G) Socket
  • European Schuko 16A 230V Socket (Type F)
  • USA NEMA 5-15 15A 100-127A Socket (Type B)
  • USA Tamper Resistant NEMA 5-15 15A 100-127A Socket (Type B)
  • French/Belgian 16A 220-240V Socket (Type E)
  • Italian 16A 220-240V Socket (Type L)
  • Italian P30 10A 220-240V Socket (Type L)
  • Swiss 10A 220-240V Socket (Type J)
  • Danish 16A 220-240V Socket (Type K)
  • Australian 10A 220-240V Socket (Type I)
  • Argentinian 10A 220-240V Socket (Type I)
  • Chinese Combi 10A 220-240V Socket
  • Indian 6A 220-240V Socket (Type D)
  • Brazilian 10/20A 100V-240V Socket (Type N)
  • South African 16A 220-240V Socket (Type N)

and most types/makes of Data/AV, please message us to enquire further.