Introducing the PIP 2 and 3 from OE Electrics - now available at The Power Outlet.

We are very excited to introduce to you all two brand new products, designed and manufactured by OE Electrics in the UK and available to purchase through us at The Power Outlet.

The two-socket PIP2 and the three-socket PIP3 offer sleek and stylish discreet power solutions that fully integrate into your furniture, whether you are looking to power an event, office space or public area.

What is so exciting about these two new products is that they are the first commercial grade power modules to be made from recycled materials – utilising 63% recycled plastic.

PIP 2&3 also allow you to lose bulky adapters when configured with the OE high-power TUF-HP USB Charger, meaning you can fast charge your phone, tablet, and laptop simultaneously.

We speak to our Project Manager Bruno Hunt to see what he has to say about these products.

Why is there such excitement around this new product?

The PIP 2 and 3 provide a tidy solution to desk top power requirements in the form of a sleek, low-profile design that can be fully customised for a wide variety of working environments. They can be  very inconspicuous or can be a feature of any commercial space. They can be seamlessly integrated with furniture  with either a flush face plate or the ergonomically designed 8° angled faceplate for easier end-user access.

 What are its sustainability features?

The PIP 2 and 3 will soon be built from up to 60% recycled plastic and is fully compatible with the replaceable TUF-R USB charger enabling easy, on site repairability. Because of the modular design, replacing the TUF-R element in the case of failure saves time and resources and reduces waste.

 Can this product be used for both residential and commercial settings?

Simply put - yes! The PIP 2 and 3 can be installed wherever there is a table or chair needing charging facilities. 

Will Fulcrum (TPO parent company) be taking this product to site for events?

Fulcrum will carefully consider the practicality of installing the PIP 2 and 3 on temporary events. Installation into furniture will require further collaboration with furniture rental companies and the feasibility of a ‘one-size fits all’ solution. They would certainly offer a neat solution to many challenges on site so we would definitely investigate further.

What configurations are available on the units?

 You can choose any combination of AC power, TUF-R USB A+C mobile charging modules or TUF-R HP USB A+C laptop and mobile charging modules. Wireless charging will be available from early 2024.

 Your top 3 points of why you would recommend the Pip 2 & 3?

  1. The look of the product. A very tidy and sleek design and fully customisable for client’s needs.
  2. The sustainability of the product. This is fast becoming a priority for many clients in the events industry and the PIP delivers on all points.
  3. The modular design makes repairs - especially on site - easy and cost effective with minimum disruption to the end user.

To view full specs, pricing and to order these products please follow this link: Pip 2 & 3

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team on .


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